Nittaku Blade Sealing Racket Protect 30 ml

Manufacturer: Nittaku
₹ 1,390.00
This is used to seal the blade to prevent splinter when removing the rubbers off the racket. 30 ml Made in Japan. How to use: Apply thin layer and let the blade dry for 15 minutes. Polish the surface of the blade with dry cloth. Glue the rubber to the blade.
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Falco Tempo Long Booster 150ml

Booster increases the overall spin and speed characteristics of the table tennis rubber and creates very pleasant ball touch. According to our information boosters are used by all top players in the world. Use TEMPO BOOSTER on the rubber only. Repeat the application every 24 hours for a better speed affect. After the last layer, let it dry until the rubber will become flat again. Join the rubber and the blade with water-based glue. Efficient 8 to 12 weeks. Volume 150 ml. Booster is not the glue, so you will need to use table tennis glue to attach the boostered rubber to your blade. Risks: 1. Booster increases the thickness of the rubber. The total thickness of the rubber should not exceed 4,00 mm on all competitions played under ITTF rules. It is responsibility of the player to check the thickness of the rubbers in this case. 2. Rubbers with speed glue effect must be treated with care and less amount of booster, because these rubbers has already some booster liquid inside.
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DHS Aquatic Glue – VOC Free – 98 Ml

DHS Glue comes in a bottle of 98 ML. It increases the elasticity of the rubber and speed of the ball. IT is VOC-Free and will not deposit any residuals during re-pasting. It comes with two nice gelatin sponges that can be soaked with water for reusing.
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