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DHS 652 Pimples Out Table Tennis Rubber

652 is a short pimple attacking rubber with a soft sponge which provides player with addition spin potential.
₹ 1,575.00

DHS Aquatic Glue – VOC Free – 98 Ml

DHS Glue comes in a bottle of 98 ML. It increases the elasticity of the rubber and speed of the ball. IT is VOC-Free and will not deposit any residuals during re-pasting. It comes with two nice gelatin sponges that can be soaked with water for reusing.
₹ 1,490.00

DHS Fang Bo ALC Table Tennis Blade

DHS Fang Bo ALC has a Pith-film technology with more power. It provides excellent control and stable loops. Launched in 2016, the arylate carbon blade is suitable for modern quick-attack plus loop gameplay.
₹ 6,500.00

DHS Hurricane 301 ALC

DHS Hurricane 301 is built using latest 301 BBT ( Blade Balancing Technology) that maintains consistent performance, which makes blades less susceptible to temperature, air humidity and more effective in reducing performance degradation, thus to keep its elasticity and internal power. This is widely used among Chinese T.T. National players. This blade has arylate carbon(ALC) which is suitable for modern offensive players who like fast attack plus loop in their gameplay.
₹ 6,890.00

DHS Hurricane 8 Table Tennis Rubber

DHS Hurricane 8 is specially designed to compensate the spin and speed loss of the 40+ plastic ball. The sponge of the Hurricane 8 is a hard high-density Chinese style sponge, but it is a new type with 15% more elasticity. The top sheet of the Hurricane 8 has more stickiness than Hurricane 2 Neo and Hurricane 3 Neo rubbers. It is highly recommended for players with offensive game play looking to hit fast spinny topspin and counterhits.
₹ 2,750.00

DHS Hurricane Long 3

Material: wood Fitted play: loop plus quick-attack Adapts 7-ply wood, producing greater power and steady handling Used by world champion Ma Long in 2013 New design: no print on the blade, print is on foil which will be removed. ST handle might be delivered with old design with the print on the surface.
₹ 13,900.00

DHS Hurricane Long 5

Hurricane Long 5 has 7 layers(5 wood + 2 arylate carbon) and is the fastest blade in DHS Long series.
₹ 14,900.00

DHS Hurricane Neo 3 Table Tennis Rubber

The unique combination of Neo sponge and Hurricane 3 rubber enables stable, high-speed attacks, maximising the striking potential for the player. The new Neo sponge has been developed to give the traditional sticky DHS rubbers the extra rebound but without losing the much loved spin and control. It is recommended for an attacking strategy with high speed and low fast loop with strong spin.
₹ 1,950.00

DHS Hurricane WL

Hurricane WL is 5 ply powerful and very fast blade. This is fastest blade in the Hurricane Series. Ideal choice for those players who prefer to attack with heavy top-spins from a medium to long distance. Developed in cooperation with many times world champion Wang Liqin.
₹ 2,990.00

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