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Donic Appelgren Exclusive AR Table Tennis Blade

This blade offers superb control. The Appelgren Exclusive AR combines lightness with the unbelievable feel of an allround blade. This blade is highly recommended for allround players who value control when blocking but especially wish to incorporate variations of spin into their play. Donic’s “exclusive” blade series at unbeatable value. The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. Control: 85 Speed: 60 Weight: 80g Plies: 5
₹ 1,999.00

Donic BARACUDA Table Tennis Rubber

Donic’s Baracuda is somewhat unique. While not lacking in speed, the primary focus of this rubber is extremely high spin and the highest throw angle of all rubbers that are currently available. This high throw angle and spin allows for a greater ability to attack backspin and a greater margin to clear the net on counter loops. This rubber is made for players with a spin first game style and use it as their primary attacking weapon.
₹ 2,990.00

Donic Baum Esprit Table Tennis Blade

The blade of the former European Finalist, Patrick Baum. The artificial Aramid-Carbon fibre in combination with high quality woodplies ensure a precise ball return and outstanding offensive quality to the blade. In addition to being very fast, the Baum Esprit ensures maximum ball control in every playing situation. It is particularly suited for counter top-spinning and for touch play. This blade is ideal for attackers who value spin but require sufficient speed from their strokes.
₹ 3,450.00

Donic Blue Fire M1 Table Tennis Rubber

The Donic Bluefire M1 is a hard, fast, and powerful rubber with a great catapult effect. While there is speed and power in all attacking strokes, the strong suit of this rubber comes forth on counterlooping. The power this rubber yields combined with its catapult effect allows for a very high level of quality on counterloops. This rubber is focused on players looking for power, especially when they find themselves at a long distance.
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Blue Fire M2 Table Tennis Rubber

The Bluefire M2 is the balanced choice of the Bluefire M rubbers. This medium rubber has high grip with a high throw angle. Spin is more than present and is very apparent on loops. The speed strikes a perfect balance with enough control to aid in placement with enough speed to hit with power. This rubber is suited for players trying to maintain offense with consistency.
₹ 2,790.00

Donic Blue Fire M3 Table Tennis Rubber

The Bluefire M3 is the softest of the Bluefire M series. For a rubber this soft, the speed it can produce is surprising. The soft sponge allows for a long dwell time and can really charge up a ball with strong topspin. Though lower in speed relative to the other Bluefire M rubbers, its short game is noticeably excellent, allowing the player to incorporate spin and placement with quality. This rubber is suitable for most levels of player who also prefer a soft rubber.
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Bluestorm Z2

A storm brews ! BLUE ALERT A comprehensively thinner top surface rubber, subjected to high tension, allows space for a thicker sponge – generating extra power and speed. The DONIC Bluestorm Series offers noticeably greater acceleration whilst retaining its outstanding spin and speed characteristics, making the latest trend. The thinnest sponge is 1.9 mm, middle sponge thickness is 2.1 mm – and the thickest variation is called max+, because this sponge is even thicker than previous max versions. Bluestorm is available in three versions. Select your own Bluestorm! DONIC Bluestorm Z2: A POWERFUL STORM Z2 has a long, thin pimple structure and a large pored sponge. This 47.5° medium hard sponge is ideal for many players. One feels the storm and its power with the first contact and can direct use this energy where one wants. Great speed, enormous rebound, with excellent spin and speed characteristics. A concentrated demolition charge!
₹ 2,850.00

Donic Coppa Jo Gold Table Tennis Rubber

Jan-Ove regularly impressed the fans with his unique class playing with the COPPA JO GOLD. As this one is designed to meet the expectations of professional players – this means the sponge of the Coppa J.O. Gold is relatively hard – we have developed also a softer version the COPPA JO SILVER. This is a rubber that most players feel very comfortable with, especially European players. COPPA J.O. SILVER is considerably softer, but due to its high built-in speed-glue effect, it plays like a medium-hard speed-glued rubber. DONIC COPPA JO SILVER is the star of the new generation of rubber. It combines excellent control, very high speed, and spin that is very close to that of professional speed-glued rubber sheets.
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Coppa Jo Platin Table Tennis Rubber

We recommend the DONIC COPPA JO PLATIN from Jan-Ove Waldner to the following players: The harder Coppa JO Platin is predominantly recommended for those players who used to use speed glue for medium to hard sponges. You want to achieve maximum power and the highest speed? Then Coppa JO Platin is the right choice.
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Persson Exclusive Table Tennis Blade

This is the fastest of the Exclusive blades. It provides outstanding power for effective fast topspin and hard smashes. In addition, the blade provides first class control with all variations of spin. It is especially recommended for hard-hitting attackers. Donic’s “exclusive” blade series at unbeatable value. The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. Control: 70 Speed: 75 Weight: 85g Plies: 5
₹ 2,399.00

Donic Sonex JP Gold Table Tennis Rubber

Donic Sonex JP Gold is an impressive rubber that incorporates speed and spin with good control. Jorgen Persson’s control on his backhand blocks is truly impressive compared to that of other players. In fact, his choice of rubber is quite suitable for most table tennis players. Donic Sonex JP Gold is the ideal rubber for ambitious attackers who want a well-balanced rubber. This new generation of rubber offers a combination of excellent attacking characteristics.
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Twingo Plus

DONIC TWINGO – Much table tennis at a low price! The right choice for ambitious hobby players and new­comers to match play. A grippy, long lasting top surface combined with a soft sponge, guarantee top rate feel. The speed, effect and control have been adjusted to complement a versatile all-round style of play.
₹ 1,250.00

Donic Waldner Allplay Table Tennis Blade

The Donic Waldner Allplay is a world-wide bestseller. This blade has excellent ball control. The handle is made from dark wood, and incorporates the legendary "Waldner Design". This blade is perfect for allround players
₹ 2,350.00

Donic Waldner Black Devil Table Tennis Blade

As exuberant as the playing style of the Master is the advanced technology and the revolutionary design of this “weapon”. Carbon and Balsa have been combined by DONIC for the first time. The soft Balsa core results in a blade with unbelievably good control, particularly when returning the ball. Incredible power and speed can be achieved with the hard Koto middle plies and carbon fibre of the DONIC Waldner Black Devil CB. The light weight and enlarged sweet spot of the 7-ply high-tech product attains perfection. Waldner’s “black devil” will delight all attacking players!
₹ 5,650.00 ₹ 8,859.00

Donic Waldner Exclusive Table Tennis Blade

This blade combines excellent control plus speed. It is faster than the Appelgren AR and perfectly combines the power of an offensive blade with the outstanding control of an all-round blade. Suitable for attacking allrounders who like to vary their topspin in a close-to-the-table game as well as playing away from the table without loss of control. Donic’s “exclusive” blade series at unbeatable value. The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. Speed: 76 Control: 74 Plies: 5 Weight: 85g
₹ 2,299.00

Donic Waldner Offensiv 2016 Table Tennis Blade

Re-release of the blade which Jan-Ove Waldner celebrated his greatest success with! Nearly 20 years after his World Championship title in the men`s singles competition in Manchester 1997 and nearly 25 years after his winning at the Olympics in Barcelona 1992 and at the end of his unique career DONIC offers a re-edition of the blade of the Swedish table tennis legend. The 5-times glued offensive blade perfectly combines speed with control – just like Waldner`s game. The blade is perfectly balanced and is made with specially selected veneers (Ayous, Scandinavian pine and Limba) that combine to create a unique feeling. Just as the original edition, the shape of the blade is slightly different to the usual DONIC blade shape and is more slender and oval. This blade completely presents Jan-Ove`s unique and distinctive style. Waldner Offensive 2016: The legend lives on. Speed: 91 Control: 72 Plies: 5 Weight: 85
₹ 2,750.00

Donic Waldner Ultra Senso Carbon Table Tennis Blade

Blade technology “made in Sweden” Jan-Ove Waldner has been to table tennis what Mozart is to music. Waldner was a fan of the standard blade DONIC Waldner Senso Carbon for many years. This legendary blade has, however, been further developed and improved, in collaboration with the greatest table tennis player of all time. DONIC has designed a faster version of the Waldner Carbon blade. The Waldner Ultra Carbon is a light Carbon blade with impressive ball control and feel – ideal for an inspirational player. The increase in speed is due to hard Carbon plies which have been placed around a relatively thin middle veneer. The inner and outer veneers with varied hardness give this blade superb touch – typical of Waldner. Developed by experts: DONIC Waldner Ultra Carbon Senso Speed: 100 Control: 72 Weight: 80 g Ply: 7
₹ 4,500.00

Donic Baracuda Big Slam

Even more sound and control due to the softer sponge.The new FORMULA DONIC BARACUDA BIG SLAM rubber with inbuilt speed glue effect produces fantastic spin. With DONIC BARACUDA BIG SLAM the ball leaves the blade in a conspicuously higher arc, giving considerably more spin. The increased rotation of the ball stabilises the flight and increases speed. The results are convincing after a few hours of training to become used to this modern rubber. Accuracy of placement is visibly improved even for top players. DONIC BARACUDA BIG SLAM offers that extra margin of safety even in the tightest situation, and not only when engaged in a high risk top spin game.DONIC BARACUDA BIG SLAM?s top rubber surface has been newly constructed to minimise abrasion. The happy result: more playing hours with a surface that remains intact without noticeable abrasion. Speed: 90 Spin: 100 Control: 73
₹ 2,790.00

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